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[JiMin SNF: Digitalize Our Mind: One “Like” from The Societal Era]

[JiMin SNF: Digitalize Our Mind: One “Like” from The Societal Era]

As the world changes, technology becomes more involved in our life. Dozens of people from across ages are using social media for a good purpose, at first. Life has indeed become a lot easier with the “tools” that we stare at every day, but we have become more consumed and then snap! We realize that we can’t live without it. Moreover, the younger generation has started using this at a very little age, is that normal or we are the ones that normalized it?

The anxiety, confusedness, fear of missing out, and all of the negativity can consume us as we use our social media more often. Seems not like a big problem, but it changes our minds and heart, both physically and mentally. A documentary called “The Social Dilemma” has also highlighted this kind of risk, a danger to the newer generation if we keep repeating the same thing. Then, what is the truth behind this digital age? How did it become a threat and what we can do now?

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