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[JiMin SNF: From Communism to Capitalism, Reveal the Role of Government in Child Development]

When it comes to child development, the one party who is often considered the most influential is the parents. The statement is not wrong, but it is wiser to take into account other parties, one of which is the government. Whether we realize it or not, the government has a significant role in the development of children, starting from guaranteeing their legal rights, ensuring the welfare of children, to creating ideal conditions for child development. Questions arise regarding this case. What is the role of government on children? What system of government is best for child development? What efforts should be made by the government to maximize child development?

However, given the fact that not every country has the same system of government, discussion about the impact of each system on children or the best system for child development become inevitable. Of course, all systems have their effects, but the comparison between two opposing systems, such as communism and capitalism, is interesting to discuss.

Furthermore, on this occasion, we will explore more deeply related to the role of government in child development, starting from its relationship, comparison of government systems, and policy recommendations for the government.

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